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  1. Forget cryptic PC setup applications with high possibility to make human error and inconvenient camera keypads and displays. Only few clicks in Sensegram and your camera is ready to rock.
  2. Forget pictures or video clips in email trash or blocked by email operator. Sensegram never blocks.
  3. Don’t waste your time. Let Sensegram does work for you. It adds pictures and videos directly into your personal account without your action. No more email attachments!

All you need is available in Sensegram, always. Manage cameras, view content with easy-to-use tools and share if you like. Use Sensegram in pc, laptop, tablet, smart phone, which one you prefer.

Sensegram – the greatest way to use your remote camera.

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Remote camera manufactures, distributors and resellers, worth of reading for you: Sensegram partner program


Sensegram Team