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Trail camera pictures in email? What!? No sense! Do pictures vanish into thin air or get stuck in email trash folder? What?! No sense! Your camera settings are probably incorrect and hard to manage? What?! No sense.Seneram makes. The greatest way utilize wireless cameras, pictures and videos. Supports all email-capable (SMTP) remote cameras like:

Wireless trail cameras | IP- cameras

Just connect your cameras and get the best out of them!

Seneram mobile
Seneram is compatible with all trail cameras and ip cameras

All your pictures and videos safe and always available

All Your pictures and videos in order, in one place and safe – access and manage them when needed.

In your preferred device

Use seneram on any device – PC&Mac, smartphone or tablet. Don’t worry, we keep information up to date!

It just works!

Add new cameras easily without pain and share them with our friends. Manage easily multiple cameras or whole camera network.