Perfectly new way to use trail cameras

Is it inconvenient to seek your remote camera pictures from your email? Do you feel that some pictures might just disappear in the air or you find them from email trash? Do you notice that your camera settings might be incorrect and they should be fixed easy and fast way?

Seneram makes sense and solves your problems. It is compatible with all email-capable (SMTP) devices like:

GSM trail cameras | IP-cameras

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Seneram features


Manage pictures and videos

  • Receive pictrues and videos from multiple remote cameras
  • All pictures safely stored
  • Manage pictures in your smartphone, tablet or computer web-browser
  • View and add tags to pictures
Seneram toimii suoraan Internet-selaimella

Manage all your devices

  • Add easily new remote cameras
  • Change easily cameras wireless settings
  • Adjust your camera to operate on schedule with easy week calendar
  • Share your device and pictures & videos with other users
  • Seneram is compatible with all gsm trail cameras & IP-cameras[*]
Seneram supports all remote cameras


No more fighting with settings or browsing email attachments. Just fine tune your devices right and enjoy!

High Availability

Information always available and up-to-date. Access your cameras and pictures anywhere, anytime.

Video support

Seneram supports also videos. Receive videos from your cameras and view & manage them easily.

Any device

Use Seneram in smartphone, tablet or computer web-browser. No need to install anything.

100 % safe

We fully operate in our own cloud. All your material is 100% safe and secure.

Free updates

Frequently new features – of course free of charge!


Fine tune device alarms and stay up-to-date with your devices.

Advanced setup

Setup your camera up easily and test it right away. Automated configuration file creation for most popular cameras.


Our dedicated servers provide ultimate user experience. We hate loading times too. Get pictures instantly.


Perfect way to follow, what has happened in your remote camera or even better – in your camera network.


Seneram supports multiple languages. Currently English, Swedish, German, French, Japanese, Lithuanian and Finnish are supported.

Camera firmware updates

Get firmware updates for your cameras [*].



  • No own devices
  • No own pictures
  • 5 followed devices
  • Adjustable notifications
  • Works on all devices

4.90€ / mo

  • 1 own device
  • 100 pictures
  • 10 followed devices
  • 2 shares /device
  • Adjustable notifications

6.90€ / mo

  • 5 own devices
  • 2 000 pictures
  • 50 followed devices
  • 10 shares / device
  • Adjustable notifications

13.90€ / mo

  • 10 own devices
  • 5 000 pictures
  • Follow unlimited
  • 50 shares / device
  • Advanced notifications