What can Seneram do?

Seneram really makes a difference! You have been a wizard Oz, if you haven’t had any problems to set your remote camera settings. You have been highly persistent, if you haven’t wonder, why on earth you have to find pictures from email attachment instead of picture gallery -type of service.

Don’t worry, it’s over! Take Seneram in use and all your pictures are safely, privately stored and easily viewed. We do this all for you!

Receive pictures and videos

  • Receive pictures automatically from SMTP-capable devices (GSM trail cameras and IP-cameras)
  • Compatible with all operators – no struggling with settings
  • Reliable picture upload to our system – no more missing photos or fighting with spam-filters

Picture management

  • Every camera has own album for its pictures
  • Search pictures by date
  • Tag your pictures – later you can filter or search from pictures based on your own, meaningful tags
  • Look new pictures from dedicated view
  • Remove meaningless pictures fast & automatically
  • Favor pictures you need and like
  • Automatic picture delete based on time or quantity
  • Filter pictures and videos separately

Camera management

  • Add / remove cameras
  • Extremely easy setup for new cameras, settings file is automatically generated for most popular cameras
  • Share camera with you friends
  • Each cameras has it own ajdustable notification settings

Is Seneram -service safe and secured?

For sure! Security and privacy are important and key part of Seneram -service! All data communication between servers are done secured way. Pictures are privately stored on our own servers instead of clouds offered by large corporations, where information can be requested by authorities.

Seneram compatible cameras and camera requirements

Basically you can add any remote camera (trail camera or IP-camera) to Seneram -service, which is able to send its picture or series of pictures via email attachment. This means that your camera supports SMTP -sending. You will find SMTP-settings from your camera. Set our SMTP-server, used port, your email account information and password to enable picture traffic. Do this and pictures start to flow from camera to your Seneram account.

Your camera can be connected both secured (SSL-security) and unsecured way.

Notice: Story is not always as straight forward as above. Some camera models for different manufacturers don’t always follow standards as they should. In that that case they don’t always work automatically. We test and reverse-engineer cameras on the market. If required, we do changes to our service so that as many camera models as possible are supported.

Seneram tested and approved cameras

Propose us new camera or ask about it support@seneram.com

Which devices are supported?

Seneram works on all devices which have web-browser, like pc, mac, tablet or smartphone. All modern internet-browsers are supported:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Internet Explorer / Microsoft edge
  • Safari

Annoying browser addons are not needed – Seneram will work out of the box!