We are happy to release Seneram – the world’s first automated picture service for remote cameras a.k.a trail- and surveillance cameras. Service will radically change use of remote cameras all around the world.

Average remote camera sends thousands of picture in a year. 

Remote cameras can send pictures and they can be remotely controlled via mobile network. Those cameras are called 2-way remote cameras. By using 2-way remote cameras you can have your eyes on wherever you need!  Pictures are nicely send over the mobile network. Great but how great?

How do you then get, view and manage received pictures? It is done by email. Every single picture is own attachment in own email meaning that browsing and viewing of pictures is painful and time consuming. If you like to keep pictures in order, you have to manually download and store them, thousands of pictures in a year! This is not all downsides. The last nail to usability coffin is that sometimes pictures disappear in the air because of your email service provider settings you can’t change or pictures will be handled as trash email ending up to your email trash bin. It will be time consuming mess!

You don’t have to accept this anymore and we have a solution for you. Seneram is a picture service solving the problems and cleaning the mess. When you register the service, pictures will be automatically transferred into Seneram instead of your email box. From then on you can view and manage pictures with your computer, mobile phone or tablet – anywhere, anytime. Tag your pictures, search or browse pictures by camera or by date. Don’t forget that you will get great information about cameras e.g. number of taken pictures or the most active times of your camera.

You can share your remote cameras with users you want to – highly requested feature especially in corporate and surveillance use.

You will start using Seneram easily and fast: 

  • Create your user account (www.seneram.com)
  • Add remote cameras into your account
  • Change new camera settings into your cameras. New setting will available in your Seneram user account.

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At your service,

Seneram team