Remote cameras known as cellular or wireless trail- or IP cameras can really ease your mind. Relax and let them monitor your meaningful surrounding – own yard, house, leisure time apartment, favorite hunting spot or other interest – you name it.

Despite of all the joy or benefits you gain, things could be so much easier and better. It is hardly impossible to avoid problems, when we talk about trail- and ip-cameras. The most of troubles are caused by complicated setup or transmission problems. When and if you get over those problems, it’s troublesome receive picture on email. Email is simply and totally wrong tool for image viewing and storing. We have something far more better to offer.

Seneram -setup and picture service is the greatest way to use your remote cameras. Forget challenging manufacturer’s setup programs, which sometimes even work faulty. With Seneram setting up of your camera is straight forward, easy and service helps you testing the connection at the end. Forget pictures on email or even worse in email trash. Receive your pictures much faster and more reliable way. Seneram even works for you! It automatically uploads and arrange pictures per camera on your personal Seneram account. A perfect set of tools in Seneram gives you powerful and easy way to make sense to your pictures; manage, tag, share. Use always your favorite device whether it is a mobile phone, tablet, pad, laptop or pc. Share your cameras, if you like.

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Seneram – Perfectly new way to use your remote cameras.

Seneram - coming soon