Thank you for being our respective customer! Sensegram -service improves continuously. Recently we launched a new user interface – better and more stylish. We also do tighter co-operation with those frontrunner camera manufacturers, who really think of you and your needs.

Sensegram is now Seneram. Name change is a part of the project, where we will launch you really cool new features. Start using your trail/spy/hunting/remote cameras in a really new way – whether you use them for surveillance, nature observation, research or different interests.

And hey … name change may require only giving your username and password again, when you login next time …. so take it easy! 🙂

Ps. If you have forgotten your password, you can recover it here.

With co-operation,

Seneram Team

Seneram, earlier known as Sensegram, was launched 2016. Our customers use trail/spy/hunting/remote cameras for surveillance, nature observation, research and special interests. Seneram has private and business versions. Seneram Business version is the heart to mobile camera network managing resources and data and used by enterprises and research organizations. We deliver our customers in more than 50 countries more than 10 million pictures and videos in a year.

Seneram for private use:
Seneram for enteprises and organizations:
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