Seneram just had it’s first birthday! The first year was a hectic one, but very rewarding! We noticed that our service has been much needed and so warmly welcomed among both personal and business clients.

When there’s many trail cameras and users in question, Sensegram is almost one and only practical solution to keep all the pieces together. Most recent 3G trail cameras sending over large picture and video files, it’s almost impossible – not to mention the practical side of it – to only use your e-mail client to manage all the data.

In 2016 we also launched a Sensegram Business -solution aimed for the enterprise purposes and for those in need of more extensive camera systems.

Here’s some highlights from the 1st year

We’ve received over 10 million pictures and videos into Sensegram from trail and remote cameras during this year – quite a pile of pics!

Sensegram now has native support for 60 camera models of 24 different brands – and counting!

We have users from over 40 countries all over the world! You can select interface language from English, Finnish, Swedish, Japan and Lithuanian. German and French translations are on their way and available soon.

Our diligent nerd troops have been working their butts off to get you new and useful features like; video supportSchedulingimproved image tagging, automatic refreshing and desktop notifications.

During 2017 it’s our goal to improve and develop our service even more. There is some stunning new features in the making, just to make using your trail cameras easier and more versatile. So stay with us!

We’d like to thank you all for the year passed – let’s make Sensegram even better, together! We willingly take feedback and improvement ideas.

Have a great and useful time,

-Team Sensegram