Thanks to new improved cellular 3G trail cameras it’s now possible to receive video clips in addition to good old still images. Depending on manufacturer and model, trail cameras are able to send over video clips in length from 5 to 10 seconds. Video clips are usually sized at about 3-10 Megabytes and therefore need more disk space and quota on your email.

Seneram video support

Since Seneram version 1.2.1 it’s possible to receive video clips from trail cameras capable of doing that. Videos are treated just like your still images and can be viewed straight in the ‘image carousel’ on computer, smartphone and tablet. Video clips are indicated with an video icon to more easily separate them from stills.

You can tag your video clips just like still images and also use the filter function to browse them separate from stills. Email alert is also available with an option to attach still image from video clip to it.

Trail camera models capable of sending video

For example, following models are equipped with video sending:

  • Uovision UM785 3G
  • Burrel Edge Pro
  • Scout Guard MG983G-30M

Possibility to send over video clips makes trail cameras even more versatile in use and of course moving pictures is more fun! With Sensegram you get way more reliable operation with big and clumsy video files compared to email.

Using Seneram you can rely on getting your videos from your trail camera and all the clips and pictures are always at hand and easily manageable!